Tom Marosz

Wings TM-OC

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Tom's art glass vector line sculpture is made from float glass. His precision hand cutting, polishing, bevelling, and bonding create a stunning conversation piece that will "wow" you and your guests on a daily basis.

Wings is the second piece in the Vector line of sculpture. Simplicity at it’s core but it is as elegant as a pair of wings can be. The elegance is transformed when the piece is inverted and it becomes an animal with the hair on its back standing up.

Reflective finish has a mirror-like coating that can be seen on one side of the glass.

Sandblasted sculptures have a matte finish. Azurelite and Evergreen sculptures have a more prominent fusing joint when sandblasted. This can be mitigated substantially by adjusting the lighting or background of the piece.

Dichroic fusion causes an array of colors to be displayed, depending on the angle of view. 

With many variations available, you may choose to contact us first in the gallery before ordering unless you find the perfect fit for you on our website.