Thomas Panzarino

Tomas has developed a unique style of fine arts called “Zinc and Polychrome©” (metal & multiple color). Tomas is self-taught. He is a 3rd generation Italian American. Tomas spent his early years in New York, and came to California in 1968, and is a resident of the San Joaquin Valley, one of the largest food producing valleys in the world. He has traveled extensively from Italy to France, French Polynesia, the Caribbean and Belize, and a favorite, the California Coast. All the while, soaking up international culture that flavors his works. Tomas has produced nearly 2,000 fine arts pieces for sale. Many of his clients have begun a personal collection of his paintings. On average there are approximately 200 current original pieces available at any given time. All pieces are originals. No print or copies. Personally created by Thomas Panzarino.