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SFV19 Sea Foam Triangular Vase with Angled Ground Lip BG-O

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This Sea Foam Triangular Vase with Angled Ground Lip measures 9" x 4.5". Hand blown piece is cut and cold worked with care by Blodgett Glass, who never work with molds. Interesting triangle shape on upper lip brings interest and beauty to any room. Each piece is handcrafted and may vary slightly from photos.


Blodgett Glass is located in California and run by talented artist Buzz Blodgett. From a family of glass artists, Buzz Blodgett learned glass blowing from a young age, and was especially influenced by a Swedish mentor, who taught him new techniques to blowing glass which he continues to use today. Blodgett uses traditional glass blowing methods to create his timeless pieces and each piece is signed and dated by him.