Scottsdale Art Galleries Are Excited To See People Returning To Old Town Scottsdale

Nov 30th 2021

Scottsdale Art Galleries Are Excited To See People Returning To Old Town Scottsdale

Scottsdale, AZ - As the country and the economy continue to rebound from the devastating effects of the COVID 19 pandemic, there has been a resurgence of visitors and art lovers in Old Town Scottsdale Art District. This has brought a new level of excitement to the Scottsdale art community, something that has been missing for over a year.

The truth is, the past year has not been easy for most industries, and the Old Town Scottsdale Art Galleries are no exception. From the cancellation of the 2020 Scottsdale Art Festival to many galleries being closed or relocated due to the unprecedented hardships brought about by the pandemic, it has been a long and difficult year for the so-called "Mecca" of art collectors.

Hope After The Storm

Despite the hardships, the Scottsdale art scene has once again sprung to life as visitors from around the world return to the Old Town District for their art fix. This new development comes as a breath of fresh air for many, including Creative Gateways Art Gallery Scottsdale, one of the newest additions to the famed Old Town Scottsdale Art District.

This gallery, which was originally scheduled to open its doors on the 1st of April, 2020, had to postpone the grand opening as the pandemic brought the country to a halt. But the hard-working staff of Creative Gateways fought hard to keep their dream of creating a signature art destination for artists and patrons alive.

But when the Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall (the original location for Creative Gateways) was finally allowed to reopen, albeit under strict COVID 19 safety measures, the team at Creative Gateways had to hold off on their already delayed grand opening as protesters plunged into a looting spree, causing significant property damage to the mall.

For most businesses that are just getting off the ground, these setbacks would have been a fatal blow, but for the Creative Gateways staff, it fired them up to work even harder in their quest to empower and support their artists and the art community as a whole.

Old Town Art Walk Meets New Art Gallery

The Creative Gateways team finally decided to move their new art gallery to the much less restrictive environment in Old Town Scottsdale, where they could focus on their core business of bringing their visitors a unique selection of artistic flair while also providing a space for artists to express themselves. “We continue to look for great opportunities to showcase new art from our top artists, giving our guests something exciting to see every time they come in,” says Brett Labit, Co-Owner of Creative Gateways Art Gallery Scottsdale.

The return of visitors to Old Town Scottsdale and its many galleries has reinvigorated the Scottsdale Art Walk and brought back much of the energy and liveliness that has been missing in the past year.

A Return Of The Thursday Night Excitement And More

For decades, art enthusiasts have been flocking to Scottsdale's Old Town for an evening of art, music, dining, and fun at the Scottsdale Thursday evening Artwalk. This year-round event has thoroughly enjoyed serving as a gateway for visitors to experience their first glimpse of the excitement that is the Scottsdale Art Walk.  

Dubbed "America's Original ArtWalk," this weekly event has returned in full swing, drawing huge crowds of local and international visitors to the heart of Scottsdale.

In addition to the Thursday evening Artwalk, other art events have also made a comeback from the unprecedented hiatus, including the Canal Convergence, a 10-day artistic showcase where thousands of art enthusiasts from all over the globe immerse themselves in art, entertainment, and local cuisine.

There have also been talks about the possibility of one of the biggest single art sales in the history of Arizona happening in Scottsdale. The auction involving a local gallery and silkscreen portrait by Andy Warhol titled “Little Electric Chair, has garnered the attention of art enthusiasts from around the world.

Experience Art On A Whole New Level

Come and experience the bustling Scottsdale art scene by visiting Old Town Scottsdale’s spectacular art galleries like Xanadu, On The Edge, Bonner David, Altamira, and Creative Gateways Art Gallery where you can browse through one-of-a-kind art for sale Scottsdale.

Each fine art gallery in Scottsdale offers a diverse selection of work in a variety of different mediums. These artworks from local and global artists will inspire your imagination and transport you into a world of creativity. Brett Labit shares, "the art world continues to evolve and we aim to not only keep up, but get ahead of the trends, creating new exciting opportunities for our guests."

Don’t miss out on the excitement of Old Town Scottsdale art galleries and visit these unique galleries today!