Adam Homan

Sedona Dragon

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10"W x 26.5"H x 6"D

Empower your home with the mythical spirit of the dragon. This awe-inspiring sculpture, forged from cold steel and burnished brass, depicts a magnificent dragon perched atop a rocky crag. Its emerald gaze, powered by otherworldly fluorescent optics, pierces the night with a vibrant glow.

This dragon is more than just a fearsome creature; it's a symbol of resilience, strength, and unwavering protection. This unique piece is a conversation starter that will leave a lasting impression. Crafted with exceptional detail, this sculpture is a true testament to the art of metalworking.

Conceptualized and crafted solely by Adam Homan.

Size (Height):
25" - 36"
Size (Width):
0" - 12"