Gartner Blade

Saturn Oil Lamp GBL-O

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Create a beautiful ambiance in any space with this Gartner Blade oil lamp. A richly colored core reflects light from the flame above. Long-lasting fiberglass wick. Each piece is unique and will vary. For any GOT fans, check out episode 2 of season 6 and see one of these oil lamps burning beautifully on the table in front of Lord Varys.

Large is approximately 4"H x 8"Dia.

Small is approximately 3.5"H x 6"Dia.

GartnerBlade is the collaborative work of artists Danielle Blade & Stephen Gartner, who have been business partners since 1996. They combine their ideas, techniques, and experiences to create original works in both blown and sculpted hot glass. They are inspired by the many vessels and sculptural objects that are revered in rituals of both primitive and contemporary cultures. Natural elements such as bone, wood, vine and rock formations are combinted with a highly original color palettes to create their gorgeous signature glass pieces. Work by GartnerBlade merges traditional handblown glass techniques with innovative color applications and original sculpting techinques to form their unique glass vessels.