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P9742AZ 18K Gold Diamond Amazonite Crab Pendant

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18K Yellow Gold  |  11 Diamonds = .07CTW  |  Clea Quartz /Amazonite = 1.23CTW  |  5/8"H x 3/4"W  |  Chain Not Included

With a life of its own, this adorable crab pendant captivates a sensation of the warm seaside. Reminiscent of cawing gulls and the gentle laps of waves, crystal quartz rests atop natural Amazonite for an innovative dimensional hue of mesmerizing ocean water. Crafted with diamonds to outline the shell and two diamond set eyes, this pendant truly sparkles in the light. Meticulously designed with fine 18k gold to be an ocean treasure to cherish for a lifetime of memories. For those who adore the seaside and also suitable to represent the Cancer Zodiac symbol of crab. 

18K Yellow Gold