Adam Homan

Guardian Owl

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Perched atop a gleaming sphere, this wise old owl, crafted from a combination of steel, stainless steel, and copper, surveys his domain with a discerning eye. His wings are dramatically outstretched, as if frozen in mid-flight, and a monocle sits on his eye lending him an air of scholarly distinction. 

This sculpture is a unique and conversation-starting piece that is sure to delight fans of steampunk design and animal sculptures. The mixed metals create a visually interesting interplay of texture and color, while the owl's pose and monocle imbue him with a sense of personality and curiosity.

  • Materials: Steel, stainless steel, and copper
  • Dimensions: 46"W x 52"H x 14"D


Size (Height):
49" - 60"
Size (Width):
37" - 48"