Scottsdale Welcomes New Fine Art Gallery, Creative Gateways, To Scottsdale Art Walk

Sep 1st 2021

Scottsdale Welcomes New Fine Art Gallery, Creative Gateways, To Scottsdale Art Walk

Scottsdale, AZ - When art gallery owner, Brett Labit and his partners, acquired Kuivato Glass Art Gallery, he had no idea how much art was going to change his life. Kuivato, one of the oldest art galleries in Sedona, was struggling to find its footing amidst market changes. Brett and his partners began the turn-around process. He found himself extremely drawn to, not only the art, but the community of artists and art enthusiasts and so he made it a prime goal to involve the community. Within a few months of the acquisition of Kuivato Glass Art Gallery, it began to grow revenues exponentially. The team then opened the first Creative Gateways location in Scottsdale, Creative Gateways Fine Art Gallery, in 2020.

Brett had no idea what challenges were awaiting him…

A New Challenge for Scottsdale Art Galleries

Starting a new fine art gallery in a brand new city already comes with tremendous challenges but this, in 2020, was an unprecedented year. The initial planned Grand Opening date of Creative Gateways was scheduled for April 1st, 2020, the day the COVID Global Pandemic had shut everything down. With the pandemic throwing everything into utter chaos, Brett and the whole Creative Gateways team had to fight for the very survival of their business while also doing everything they could to support their local & global artists.

“Many artists rely heavily on sales in art galleries to provide a living. With us not being able to be open, it greatly affected the well-being of the many artists whose art we carry. We wanted to do everything in our power to help support them through this unprecedented time,” says Brett Labit, Owner/partner of Creative Gateways.

When Scottsdale Fashion Square Mall, (where Creative Gateways was located), was finally allowed to reopen, Brett and his team faced new challenges where looting caused significant property damage to the mall and they had to shut their doors once more. For many businesses, these forced closures would have been a death blow, but for the Creative Gateways team, it fueled them forward so they could better support the art community and the artists.

A New Beginning

Due to the ever-changing situation, Brett and the team decided to open a new fine art gallery in one of the fine art capitals of the world, Old Town Scottsdale. Being part of the Old Town Scottsdale art galleries, this new art gallery received tremendous praise and has a 5.0 star rating on Google Maps. They are one of the newest fine art galleries to join the famous Thursday Scottsdale Art Walk. A big part of what helped Creative Gateways Art Gallery survive, and later thrive, is their commitment to supporting others in the community.

Not only do they run monthly art events open to the community, but they are also developing an entire educational program to help young inspiring artists learn more about the business aspect of creating and selling their artwork. Creative Gateways is known in the industry for having some of the most creative and unique fine art available in the Scottsdale region with artists like Tom Marosz, Shane Fero, Tomas Panzarino, and Eli Mazet.

Because of their continued success through these challenging times, their involvement with the local communities where their art galleries are located, and the support they provide for all of their artists, Creative Gateways Art Gallery has quickly become known as a premiere fine art global brand.

“This is just the beginning. We are planning on opening additional art galleries every year and we love that our model allows us to both support the community and the artists that we work with. We have some of the most unique art you can find including, glass art, large wall art, animal sculptures, drinkware, lighting, paintings, jewelry, and so much more. New art pieces arrive regularly so there’s always something fresh to enjoy.”

Get A One-Of-A-Kind Art Piece

Want to be the only person who owns a certain piece of art? One unique quality about Creative Gateways is that some artists are exclusive to their Scottsdale Art Gallery. If you’re looking to own a piece of beautiful art that no one else will ever have, Creative Gateways is the place to find it! Ranging from paintings to sculptures to mirrors to decor, visit their fine art gallery in Scottsdale to find the perfect piece of art for your home or office.

So if you’re in the area and looking for some of the newest, most unique fine art in Scottsdale, you can visit Creative Gateways Art Gallery where you will be welcomed into a very inviting atmosphere with seating available to sit and enjoy the art for as long as you’d like. Or simply visit them online since they can ship their art pieces anywhere in the world! Every piece of art is delivered with care. We look forward to helping you find that perfect art piece!