Lana Nguyen

4" x 4" Heart Collage LR-C

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4" x 4" Alcohol ink & resin. 

These bold heart collages showcase delightful hearts to add loving energy to any space. Designed with paper that is cut, illustrated with ink and incased in resin. This artwork sits on a wooden frame and is the ideal size for small spaces such as desks, bedside tables, fireplace mantels, and so much more. This artwork can sit up solely on a table or may be hung on a wall. 

1) Classic red heart against dark background with two small hearts inside.

2) Turquoise Heart against dark background.

3) Colorful heart reminiscent of scales with reds, turquoise, gold, speckled and pink. 

4) Colorful heart with an array of color giving mermaid aesthetic against a lovely blue background.

5) Adorable pink heart against sky blue with two small hearts within.