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16" Gardener's Treat Mosaic Mirror SS-C

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Gardener's Treat is a 16" modern mosaic.

Leaves stretch upwards in this lovely mosaic full of rich greens dotted with gems. A mirror cut into the shape of a single leaf shines in the center of this piece. This mosaic is ideal for numerous interiors with its nature-inspired aesthetic.

This piece is created by Sol Sister Designs, which consists of artist and sister duo, Valerie Watson and Janet Alvillar from Phoenix, AZ. They design and create their gorgeous mosaic wall art by hand, so each piece is unique and one of a kind. They use a variety of different mediums to create these vibrant mosaics, including unique types of stained glass, art glass, tiles, beads, mirrors, and other colorful media.

Size (Height):
12" - 24"
Size (Width):
12" - 24"