Jay Johansen

Ultra Pop JJ-C

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Ultra Pop is a 36" x 50" Acrylic Facemount created by California artist Jay Johansen. It is part of his pop fusion beauty collection, a blend of traditional and digital mediums to create colorful portraits. Jay Johansen is a well known portrait artist, who has mastered the art of realist oil paintings and creates a variety of gorgeous portraits. He is able to capture the fine details of the elegant figures in his portraits. This piece is a limited edition Acrylic Facemount.

Born and raised in California by his artist father, Jay Johansen has been mastering his style and techniques for a long time. He has mastered the art of creating portraits and is known for his celebrity portraits and unique "Pop fusion art", which is a process that enables him to transcend the contraints of tradtional art mediums. For these pop fusion artworks, an original artwork starts with paint of canvas using traditional methods. That is transformed into a digitally enhanced, improvisational image, which is transferred to a metallic substrate, and permanently encapsulated in acrylic glass. Only ten originals are created from a single subject, making them limited edition.