Gartner Blade

Strata Tangerine Bowl GBL-O

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A shade of orange reminiscent of a calming sunset rests above a mountainous pattern in this artistic bowl. Inspired by the tones and textures of nature, this bowl may be displayed solely or with a medium-stemmed floral arrangement. Gartner Blade forges each piece through a process of blown glass embedded with original techniques making them one of a kind. 

Please note that due to the nature of how this bowl is created each piece is unique and may vary slightly from the photos. Contact us for photos, videos or further information. 

GartnerBlade is the collaborative work of artists Danielle Blade & Stephen Gartner, who have been business partners since 1996. They combine their ideas, techniques, and experiences to create original works in both blown and sculpted hot glass. They are inspired by the many vessels and sculptural objects that are revered in rituals of both primitive and contemporary cultures. Natural elements such as bone, wood, vine and rock formations are combinted with a highly original color palettes to create their gorgeous signature glass pieces. Work by GartnerBlade merges traditional handblown glass techniques with innovative color applications and original sculpting techinques to form their unique glass vessels.