Large Crackle Pumpkin LS-O

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Large Crackle Pumpkins

Beautiful blown glass pumpkins by artist Nick Leonoff.  The bright vibrant colors spice up a room any time of year and especially in the fall.  Pumpkins are sold separately.  


Nick Leonoff was born in 1978 in Santa Clara, California. In 1983 the Leonoff family moved to Carmel Valley, where Nick was raised and lived while attending Carmel High and graduating in 1997.  He began apprenticing for renowned stained glass artist Alan Masaoka in 1998 while he attended Monterey Peninsula College and pursued a business degree.   In  2000, Leonoff put glass to the side as he transferred to Pepperdine University to complete his Bachelors’ degree.  He graduated in 2002 with honors and remained in the Los Angeles area to work.  In 2004, Nick returned to the Monterey Peninsula and was taught to blow a glass bubble by Alan Masaoka and was hooked on learning how to blow glass.  In 2005, he took his first course at the Bay Area Glass Institute, followed by a summer program at Red Deer College.  In 2006, Nick studied Italian Cane and Murrini Patterning techniques at the Pittsburg Glass Center in Pennsylvania under Kait Rhoads.  In 2007, Nick attended the acclaimed Pilchuck Glass School in Washington to study coldworking by Greg Dietrich. Nick continued his education in 2008 when he was awarded scholarships to attend the Corning Museum of Glass in New York as well as Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Deer Isle, Maine.  In 2009, Nick returned to The Studio at Corning to study under Davide Salvadore, a Murano Maestro, to refine his understanding of the muranese glass blowing techniques. Nick returned to Corning in 2010 to expand his portfolio by studying hot sculpting techniques taught by Martin Janecky.  Nick has studied and worked with a variety of glass artists including:  Alan Masaoka, Johnathon Schmuck, Kathy Barrett, Treg Silkwood, Tyler Rock, Kait Rhoads, Greg Dietrich, Paul DeSomma, Marsha Blaker, Anthony Schafermeyer, Claire Kelly, Jack Wax, Davide Salvadore, Martin Janecky, Ross Richmond, George Kennard, April Surgent and Jiri Harcuba. In 2011, Nick moved his studio to Brooklyn, NY to further pursue artistic endeavors. 


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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