I have always been fascinated by the cosmos and natural elements that make up our earth. I have always been drawn towards the geology of our planet and try to express my version of it through fluid art. Through my art, I try to create an amalgamation of an abstract flow of colors combined with natural geode formations. The fascinating and unpredictable nature of resin as a medium to interlace color pigments inspires me to continually experiment with my art. The mystery of constantly exploring how resin would react with my textures, crystals, stones and other metals generates high positive energy as I take the journey through each piece of art.

While my work on a canvas involves pouring resin and pigments directly on a canvas, I spend a lot of time off canvas thinking about what the art would look like, how the colors will flow and the shape they will create. My creative process has evolved over time through a lot of experimentation and trial and error. While I started with a “go with the flow” approach, over time I have developed techniques to control the flow of resin and colors to present my thoughts on a canvas. I am very passionate about using real geodes and crystals in my art and always look to get my hands on something new and unique and make it the central theme of my work.

My abstract art is based on a vision of natural elements and phenomena coming together to create something vibrant and full of energy. I like to use bright and bold colors that give forward impetus to me and people around me.

I am almost always working on something new and like to share it with others within and outside the artist community. This has given me opportunities to show my art in pop up shows at a large home furnishing store, a high end residential complex and a contemporary local magazine.

I strive to continuously improve my work and through the process fill the walls of this world with vibrancy and positivity of my art.

I have participated in local exhibitions and home shows where she was featured in the local news on NBC 12.

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