Spring Valley, California

Tom’s drive to test the limits of manipulating light began early on; teenage interests in photography and optics yielded early holography projects. His efforts were deemed so cutting edge during the 1960’s that he ended up collaborating with the Navy Electronics Lab team in Point Loma. After 15 years in the construction business as a glazing contractor, doing what others said couldn’t be done, Tom turned to art using his cold working, cutting, and polishing skills to create his gravity-defying glass sculptures. Many of his current works are created using optic crystal, dichroic coatings, and kiln fusing. Tom’s broad skill set has enabled him to create a number of large scale installations. The Vantage Pointe sculpture, a lit glass winged water feature standing over 18′ tall, is stationed at the entrance to downtown San Diego at the corner of 10th and A Street. Another, created for the Law School of British Columbia, spans 4 stories and features 450 suspended glass spheres.

In 2013, Tom created and installed several glass features for the remodel of the Viejas Hotel and Casino. The largest of these features jumbo glass panels, fused in Tom’s massive kiln, weaved with colors and textures reflective of the Viejas Kumeyaay Indian culture. Aside from Tom’s public collections his unique sculptures are presently enjoyed in many private collections worldwide.

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