Bellingham, Washington

Randy graduated from Oklahoma State University in 1981. He first studied at Pilchuck Glass school in 1989 as a student and has worked every summer for Pilchuck as staff, faculty member, or craftsman since 1990. During the school’s off season, Walker made his work in Pilchuck’s hot shop. He has been a principal member of the William Morris blowing team for 16 years, helping to make some of the world’s most innovative art glass.

For the past decade, Randy has been a frequent faculty member at Pilchuck and has taught workshops in Canada, Japan, New Zealand, and across the U.S. In 2006, he was a featured demonstrating artist at the International Glass Art Society conference. Studying and interacting with nature has always been a fundamental part of this artist’s life. A degree in Wildlife Ecology, former careers as a carpenter and peach farmer, plus years roaming the mountains, have brought Randy to the “Driftwood” series. His blown and sculpted forms are inspired by the colors, textures, and patterns found in the forests of the Pacific Northwest—dappled sunlight shining through a tree’s canopy, a beam of sunshine spotlighting a quiet shrine of forest elements—these naturalistic forms, seemingly worn by weather and time, rekindle a sense of wonder, spirit, and solitude one might find within the stillness of the woods.

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