AMusinGlass by Pilisa

AMusinGlass by Pilisa

Sedona, Arizona

Pilisa Rainbow Lady began working in glass in 2009 from her home in Sedona. Working out of her garage solo at first, and later with her creative partner, she endured freezing winters and baking summers, desperately working to maintain the temperatures needed to hold the integrity of the glass at fragile stages of its creation.

A move to a studio was long overdue, but the idea of moving to a studio alone felt isolating. She created Kuivato’s sister gallery, Creative Gateways Open Studios & Gallery to provide both herself  and other artists work in a collaborative space.

As an artist working in fused glass, Pilisa embraces the spontaneous and the unexpected as the process and materials are inherently unpredictable. Pilisa loves to share her process with those who are drawn to her work and to welcome new visitors to the studio.

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