Sedona, Arizona

Lucy Paradise of Paradise Glassworks is an award-winning glass artist who relocated in 2002 to Sedona, Arizona from her native San Diego, California home. Before her move to Arizona, she participated in the operation of a successful cooperative art glass gallery next to the famous San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park.

Lucy’s kiln-formed pieces are made from glasses designed to be physically compatible with each other and used in a variety of forms. Crushed granules, blown glass shards, and threads of glass are used with larger areas of cut glass to create a mosaic assembly—not unlike a sand painting—which is then fused together in a specially designed kiln. She works with many different styles of fusing, including frit casting, inclusions, bas relief, micro mosaics, and glass painting. Her goal is to continually expand the boundaries of kiln-formed glass.

Lucy spent 11 years on the board of directors of the Art Glass Association of Southern California and was president of the association for three years. In this capacity, she was able to study with some of the finest glass fusing and lampworking artists in the United States. She continues to travel extensively, participating in and teaching art glass classes. Her award-winning work has been featured in an HGTV special, and was highlighted on CBS television in November of 2005.

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