Carmel Valley, California

Nick was born in 1978 in Santa Clara, California. He attended Monterey Peninsula College and pursued a business degree. In 2004, Nick returned to the Monterey Peninsula, where he was taught to blow a glass bubble by Alan Masaoka. After the experience, he was hooked on learning how to blow glass. In 2006, Nick studied Italian Cane and Murrini Patterning techniques at the Pittsburgh Glass Center in Pennsylvania under Kait Rhoads. In 2007, he attended the acclaimed Pilchuck Glass School in Washington to study cold working by Greg Dietrich. The artist continued his education in 2008 when he was awarded scholarships to attend the Corning Museum of Glass in New York.

Nick creates his blown glass using Swedish overlay techniques to create layers of colored glass in the walls and on the surface of the glass forms. After the pieces are annealed and cooled to room temperature, he carves the walls of the pieces with diamond wheels to remove layers of glass and expose colors within the piece. The blown pieces become the “canvas” on which he designs and creates. The carving process becomes the core of the design in each piece. By carving the glass, Nick create patterns and textures; he uses various size, profile, and grit wheels to create different cuts and patterns. Many of his patterns resemble traditional textiles as well as modern industrial designs. Through this cold working process, he is able to explore the potential of the material and focus his artistic vision.

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