Oakley, California

Jenny’s background includes an extensive education in the arts. By the age of four she began her studies in dance, and shortly thereafter she incorporated art and piano instruction. During her school years, she won awards for her art and dance. She attended the University of California Santa Cruz where she completed her formal education in art. She then went on to work in graphic design until 2002, when she decided to devote herself to her fine art full time.

In 2007, Jenny was introduced to the technique of painting on glass. This is a rare and old art form. The chandeliers start out as flat, architectural-grade glass that is cut, slumped, and cold- worked in her studio. Each chandelier is made by hand—from the glass bowls to the iron fixtures.

Jenny loves painting on glass because of the expressive feeling that she is able to infuse into every flower petal, leaf, bird, and accent through her brush strokes. Her glass paintings convey a three-dimensional effect that captivates viewers, making them feel as if they have a blooming flower garden hanging above in a glass canvas.

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