Phoenix, Arizona

Jennifer draws vast inspiration from the ocean, which she has lived near and loved all her life. Intrigued by the challenge of capturing motion in glass, she strives to emulate the movement of sea life in her work. She creates her pieces using the lampworking technique. She previously worked with cold glass and other techniques, but once she discovered the rush of creating with constant motion that lampworking offers, she was completely captivated.

Jennifer began her glass career in 2000 as an apprentice in a small studio retail shop. She since studied glass in an apprenticeship in Murano, Italy, a residency at Pilchuck School of Glass, and in workshops across the country. She has also had opportunities to teach and show her work internationally. In 2009, she was given the Glasscraft Emerging Artist Award, and in 2010 she was given the Rosen Group’s NICHE Award in the category of lampworked glass.

Jason is a mixed media, object maker living in Arizona. The majority of his work is cast glass and often incorporates neon for illumination. Glass can be anything; thick, thin, shiny, dull, rough, smooth, transparent, or opaque. It is the only material that can capture light. While material and notably glass are important, his emphasis is within the narrative. His most recent works are semi-auto biographical and reflect on human relationships, communication, and social networking.

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