Murano, Italy

Gianluca Vidal was born in Venice on July 1, 1976. At the young age of 14 he started to work with glass at the Studio Vetreria DP, on the Island of Murano. Here he studied under the Glass Maestro Imperio Rossi. After two years he decided to move to the studio of Effetre International. As the youngest glass worker in the studio and under the tutelage of the masters at Effetre, Gianluca began to learn the most difficult glass techniques and his talent as a glass maker began to emerge. Gianluca has worked over the years with many of the most important Glass Maestros on Murano; Afro Celotto, Silvano Molin, Luciano Pavanello, Giancarlo Tagliapietra and Dino Vio.

Today Gianluca owns his own glass studio on Murano where each day he is creating new pieces that are being collected by art enthusiasts around the world. His process involves working with colored glass canes to create complex Murrine and Zanfirico pieces that he positions in an intricate pattern. The pattern is warmed while he prepares a “gather” of hot glass on the end of his blowpipe. The gather is rolled over the warmed glass pieces in a “pick-up.” Through re-heating, rolling, shaping, blowing, and adding more glass he creates one large mass of molten glass. When it is time for the vase to cool, it is put into an annealer where the vase is slowly and carefully cooled over about 24 hours. If it is cooled too quickly or too slowly the glass can become brittle or crack. The annealing process gives the vases their strength. After the vases are cooled they are carved or ground with a variety of sizes and shapes of grinding wheels giving the pieces their unique surface texture.

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