Arcata, California

George creates contemporary hand-formed cast glass imagery that is both meditative and visually stimulating. He began casting hot glass at Penland School, North Carolina in 1984. After completing his studies, George continued to develop new and innovative techniques for creating his original contemporary forms.

Truly a master of his craft, Bucquet continues his quest to push the limits of artistic glass casting. George has recently started producing his new line of nautically inspired glass art. These new forms required that he take a fresh approach to designing and casting. It involved creating a new glass formula, new mold processes, new casting techniques, new cold work processes, and new tooling in the hot shop; basically, a departure from his previous methodology.

Working together with precision timing, Bucquet and his assistants pour hot glass, thick and translucent as honey into handmade sand mold, and then carefully press it into shape. A mold is individually created for each casting, formulated from scratch, is melted to 2350 degrees in a custom built furnace. After several days of cooling in an annealing oven, each bowl is skillfully hand detailed with copper, silver and gold leaf.

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