San Francisco, California

David’s work, while varied in composition and design, is an intensive exploration of detailed patterns, colors, and transparency created through multi-layered cane and murrine-colored rods, and patterned cross-sections of glass. His work begins with the meticulous planning and designing of colors and patterns. After he pulls the cane and murrine, he carefully composes these elements to design the final work. David enjoys this process of thoughtful creativity and the contrasting intensity of executing it in the hotshop; where the limited window of time to shape molten glass requires precision and urgency. The dual challenge of designing and executing complex work definitely satisfies both the artist and the craftsman in him, and he continually finds it exciting to create a piece he’s poured over for days, watching it come to life in the fire.

David considers his forms to be his three dimensional canvases, and the diversity of the compositions accurately reflect his approach to creation. The varying shapes, colors, and sizes provide views into and through the pieces to contrast or disrupt their solidity, enticing the viewer to peer inside or through. Colors woven into complex patterns challenge expectations of the amount of detail glass can carry and its place in the art world. His vessels tend to either demand attention or have a quiet presence that invites closer examination.

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