Get to Know us

The Vibe of Our Tribe

Why fine art and fine jewelry?  It is simple for us.  Our Sedona and Scottsdale art galleries give us an opportunity to bring beautiful people together in a beautiful setting with beautiful things.  Fun, happiness, and a healthy sense of belonging is what we want every guest to feel.  Whether they come in to buy art or jewelry, attend one of our events, want to browse and look at pieces, or just want to have someone smile and be kind to them.  Each guest should feel safe that they won’t be pressured, manipulated, or sold to, but will have a chance to be supported in the buying process or just enjoy being with us if that is what they desire. 

 Our mission

“To generate happiness, fun, and a healthy sense of belonging for beautiful people in a beautiful setting with beautiful things”

Creative Gateways Art Galleries supports over 90 artists working in multiple art mediums, at least 20 vendors, and multiple employees.  We have handcrafted artisan jewelry made from precious metals such as gold and silver with rare natural turquoise, sapphires, moonstones, emeralds and more.  We have affordable jewelry that is elegant everyday wear.  We carry small artworks for any budget, including blown glass, resin collages, cast glass, flameworked glass, paintings and more.  You can also find epic, one-of-a-kind sculptures that make a statement and will have your guests mesmerized when they visit.  Most importantly we carry a warm inviting culture throughout our Scottsdale and Sedona art galleries, and we want you to always feel at home.

Brett Labit, the President of Creative Gateways, is well known for creating collaborative communities that he calls thriving tribes.  He and the other two partners, Valeria Gavrilova, and Pilisa Rainbow Lady, believe that collaborative, conscious, and responsible interaction is the key to a great community or tribe.  Brett says, “The galleries strive to be more than a retailer of fine art and fine jewelry.  We want to be an important asset to you and the community.  This requires that we take time to listen and learn about our guests when they are open to talk and to add value to them when and if we are able, whether or not they buy art or jewelry.  At the very minimum, every guest should be greeted warmly and unexpectantly, and receive kindness from each of us.”

Art is more than an object or piece.  It is the sum of the creativity of the artist being invested into that moment in time.  Whoever and whatever they are, along with the experiences they have had, physically unfold into the creation into one moment, which is the moment you witness the outcome.  I believe that our interaction with people is the same.  We are all living life as a work of art and who we are determines the beauty in what we create. ~Brett Labit