Steffen Plistermann

Fragment #43 SP-C

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This elegant glass vessel uses fragments from Steffen Plistermanns Aquatic series. He integrates blue glass pieces from his Aquatic series with a nude sand color to create these vessels. As the last step in the coloration process, fragments from Aquatic pieces are embedded into the beach colors and gradually integrated into the mass of the original ball of glass. Even though the surface will be completely even and smooth at the end of this process, inflating and shaping the glass towards its final size results in the re-emergence of the previous seams, albeit in a more subtle form. Tracing the outline of the blue segments with your finger will allow you to feel the resulting ridges, providing a perfect example of what glassblowers refer to as glass having a memory.

The background of the fragment was designed specifically to accommodate pieces from the Aquatics Series. Several white and cream tones are layered and blended, followed by a body wrap. As the last step, the Aquatic fragments are rolled up and everything is blended and smoothed out.

Measures Approximately: 12" x 7.5" x 2"