Floating Temple II PMC-C

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"Floating Temple II" is a brilliant mixed media display of the talent of Michael Colpitts, local Sedona artist.

Michael Colpitts is a whirlwind of creative energy.  A devout meditator, he has traveled the globe profoundly exploring both the external and internal world.  He translates these experiences into his work both as a mixed media painter and a ceramic sculptor.  Though he is working in vastly different mediums, viewers can feel his unparalleled voice in each piece beckoning the viewer within.   His abstract mixed media  paintings vibrate with energy, and contain a sense of richness and depth that is created by his use of materials. As he works, the painting’s dimensions are created through gesso, fabrics and papers, light charcoal, modeling paste, grog, sand, thick oil colors, acrylic washes and transparent oil washes to create a lovely, luminescent quality.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review

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