Cathy Shepherd

Cathy is particularly drawn to the vivid blues found in nature representing both sky and sea, expansiveness, freedom, andintuition. Cathy’s luminous pieces, with their vivid sapphires, teals,and turquoises, depict an emotional landscape of depth, wisdom, confidence, and faith. Cathy’s azure pieces often stand alone, butshe occasionally interweaves pearly pinks, emerald greens, andfiery oranges to create custom, one-of-a-kind pieces.

Before embracing life as an artist, Cathy had carved out successful careers in fashion design, international fitness, and yoga. In 2009, Cathy decided it was time to refuel her artistic fire by bringing her creative energy to life again — this time with no limitations. With her husband’s encouragement, Cathy delved into the world of glass artwork. She took professional glass art lessons and her instructor immediately recognized her talents. Her life has never been the same.
Cathy has created a style all her own, and her energetic works of dimensional-fused glass art are all about texture. Today, Cathy melds together her love for color, dance, architecture, fashion, and nature into the inner workings of the body by fusing glass. This balance creates an emotion the viewer can hear or feel when interacting with the visual energy of the piece.