Wiltshire, U.K.


Sandra Young has been a glass sculptor for more than 30 years. In that time she has developed techniques to overcome the innate problems of working the solid glass rods in the flame to an unusually large scale and detail.

Sandra’s work uses flame working, where rods of glass are melted within the flame, then sculpted and manipulated into forms to express her love of the natural world. She creates eye canes – again to add realism- and a combination of metal luster and colored glass highlights detail, such as the flash of white on a kingfisher’s head. She feels the glass lends itself to making dragons and magical creatures, giving a lightness and ethereal quality to the mythical forms. She makes dragons of all shapes sizes and colors; as well as Pegasus, unicorns and fairies - to name but a few. Her sculptures vary in size from mirror frames of 1 m plus to miniature dragons, insects and seahorses of less than 2 cm. Sandra also makes sculptural jewelry, such as her dragon or ivy branch torcs.

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