Art is a force of my nature.  I have always been involved in arts by creating and studying various forms of art.  I began creating at a very young age as a way to express myself and share my vision of my surroundings.  I have been involved in numerous art events throughout the United States and Mexico and am a member of many art councils. Apart from being an artist, I enjoy being  involved in classic ballet and piano.

I believe a big part of being an artist is being creative with your materials. I use oils, acrylics, watercolors, charcoal and fabric.  I also like to add glitter, sand, gold leaf, jewelry, wood, glass, tiles and stone to add depth. I use warm colors to represent strength and energy, cool colors to provide peace and tranquility, and black and white to represent contrasting views.  Last but certainly not least, metallic colors such a gold and silver to convey radiance, elegance and sophistication.  


My main source of inspiration, is without a doubt nature and life. I'm inspired by those, because for me, they are one in the same.  They represent constant change and movement.  Coming from a family with multiple artists, I am continually influenced by their creativity and designs. My other artistic influences come from various cultures I have encountered through travel, along with the works of other artists from classic to contemporary. 

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