Gregory Tomb has been working with glass since 1997. He began working with glass at Hartwick College and really learned the craft working as a production team leader for Simon Pearce. 

Growing up in the Northeast, his first memories of glassblowing were from family road trips which frequently stopped at the Corning Museum of Glass and Steuben Glass to watch the process. 

An adventurer and lover of the outdoors at heart, Greg spent years teaching skiing, guiding zip-lines and guiding class 5 whitewater rafting. Through years of adventure, including working as a professional musician, Gregory always returned to glass.

He describes the process as timeless and constantly inspiring. “In almost 3000 years very little has changed with blown glass. Sure we have more advanced controls of the heat, instead of huge fires. But the hand tools, the gravity, heat, and time needed to make a single piece of glass are all the same.” He shares his love of glass leading engaging hands on experiential classes. 

Greg has 2 distinct types of glass which we at Creative Gateways are thrilled to show, a craft line and a signature collector series. His small craft items like the roses are delicate and unique, bringing a touch of refinement with 24k gold to accent the flowers. Although elegant, his concept is to create smaller pieces of beautiful glass at crafter price points. 

Whereas the collector series exhibits a balance of wild, intricate color combinations and classic hand made clear factory-standards. These techniques, at this large scale, are challenging and risky. Greg’s love of adventure comes to life in colorful expressions of what is possible with glass.


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