Dian McGowan

Sedona, Arizona


Over the years, I have worn many hats, working as a professional ski instructor/tour guide in the Alps and Rockies for fourteen years, professional photographer, flipping properties in Colorado, flight attendant for Ozark/ currently designing beautiful handcrafted collections of jewelry.  With my vast collection of beads and the desire for something different, I started making necklaces to satisfy my creative side.  Like where it takes me, not only to distant foreign destinations, but in my mind when I sit down to create a piece.  I love getting lost in the process for it is always evolving as new materials are added to the mix.  Favorites are precious/semi-precious stones, ceramics, porcelains, glass, and assorted blends of metals.  Czech glass and recycled glass from Ghana give my creations a very unique look.  I strive to create a balance on weight, colors, and composition into a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece that truly makes a fashion statement you'll be proud to wear!  Thank you for donning my wears!



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